Video production services include on-site shooting, post-production and whatever creative & pre-production the project needs. 

Shooting rates are priced out to start at $350-$650 for one half-day.

Post-production rates remain steady at $150 for one half-day of post-editing time / $300 for one full day. 

Pre-production includes creative planning, info-gathering and script-writing, which usually tops out around $300. 

All projects are fair game. The video above summarizes what we can do help you accomplish your goals.



A great solution for promoting your business and the people that make it special to today's short-attention span, smartphone consumer. Short-form videos for social media can be done efficiently and effectively. 

How it works: we schedule a one-hour shooting block with you. We have an agreed upon talking point sheet for different topics. We come away with 7-10 short-form videos - 60 seconds or less - for you and your business to distribute on social media over the course of several months.

One video per week as part of your regular content schedule keeps your audience engaged and loyal to the products and services your business offers. It also builds and maintains your credibility and promotes your expertise. 

*Cost of $350 includes post-production and editing

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