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Dental Marketing Options (we recommend both options, of course, like brushing & flossing)

OPTION 1: Core Local

Local search marketing tool that puts your business on the map and securely helps you manage your online business listing and reputation.

See the video explainer for how Core Local works to convert online searches for your business and service into paying customers.

$129 / mo (plus $300 investment for installation & setup)

Core Local provides analytics reports each month, showing the online search results generated from people searching for your products/services or by specific industry or name.

OPTION 2. Ongoing Social Media Growth Programs

Imig Communications creatively and strategically produces and distributes original content for dental Instagram & Facebook accounts. Original content is streamlined 3-4x per week (minimum 12 posts per month) on each account, though we can increase content with more intensive campaigns. Original Content for Social Media Growth Programs also include Sponsored (paid & targeted) posts with a built-in budget to generate new, real leads and followers on Instagram and Facebook.

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Cost structure for Social Media Growth Programs

Two-Week Incubation Period: $189

Our Instagram Growth Programs slowly start to burn after 6-7 days through organic interaction with your target audience. By day 14 or 15, your account will begin seeing action with new, real, targeted followers.

Social Media Growth Program (Small)- $625/mo ($125/mo budget built-in for sponsored, paid posts) 
Social Media Growth Program (Large) - $975/mo ($250/mo budget built-in for sponsored, paid posts)

Our Instagram system of marketing increases follower count with real, targeted followers in your target geographic area and creates activity and action making your IG profile a viable lead & sales channel.

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Original content is also posted to Facebook. We strategically devise plans for sponsored posts to run on Facebook simultaneously on IG to target new users and grow the audience on both platforms. We can also run contests on Facebook to generate more buzz and followers. 

The ongoing, original content keeps your existing audience engaged, making them a word-of-mouth referral community. Your satisfied clients and an ongoing stream of content will speak volumes to potential new customers.


*We run social media accounts for businesses with no contracts on a month to month basis but recommend a 6-month investment to allow results to develop organically as we build your community through digital word of mouth.

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