Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Change: What You Need To Know

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A Friends & Family Adjustment
by: Pat Imig (@patimig on IG | @patrickimig on Twitter)

Facebook has listened to a lot of complaints, criticisms and critiques from users over the last year to two years that users don't see enough from their friends and family (their Facebook friends) in their newsfeed.

That is about to change.

On Jan 11, Facebook announced it wants to create more “meaningful” interaction for its users, rather than the current structure designed to get users to spend as much time as possible on the site (a tactic to get users to spend more money with Facebook advertisers - its businesses & publishers).

From Wired:

Facebook is changing the algorithm that powers its newsfeed, the service at its core and the mechanism that increasingly determines how news and information spread throughout the world … Zuckerberg says he wants the time users do spend be “time well spent.”

What that means, according to Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s newsfeed boss, is that video, news, and other content from formal Facebook pages will get less prominence than posts from friends and family.


My personal opinion is that those who have a business that already gets a lot of buzz from organic, word-of-mouth action will continue to thrive and maybe even get more out of it.

These are the people who market their business through their personal accounts, in addition to whatever their company business Page is doing. These people will remain at the status quo or see a substantial boost in engagement for their business-related posts.

Those businesses and publishers whose online FB presence is predominantly through its Page will have to spend even more to gain more exposure.

I guess I'm saying Facebook is shifting the financial onus onto businesses and publishers with the new algorithm, as opposed to the current setup designed to keep Avg Joe User on the site for a longer period of time, causing Avg Joe User to spend more money.

More from the Wired story:

It means that the number of comments on a post will count more than the number of Likes, and it means that posts where people have taken the time to write long comments will get more weight than those with only short comments.

News and video will continue to appear in newsfeed, but the number of friends sharing it will matter more than its overall popularity.


Those businesses and publishers with built-in organic marketing from personal, word-of-mouth account relationships will continue to thrive and could very well do better. And if their Page is comprised of loyal fans who not only like/comment but organically share posts, they'll see even more trickle-down success.

Otherwise, you as a business, company or publisher will have to spend more to get more eyeballs on yours posts and products.

Facebook is being lauded for making this change so that the 2 Billion users have more “meaningful, time well-spent” experiences, but lets also remember FB wouldn't make the change if it didn't make financial sense.

Businesses will be picking up that tab because they'll have to spend more to reach more people. And quite frankly, that's fair.

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