Instagram Marketing is Vital (and Awesome) for Your Business

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Every business needs to be marketing on Instagram. Period.

That's not a pitch, either.

Instagram is a beast of engaged, passionate niche communities, markets and users. With more than 800 Million active monthly users, the Facebook-owned Instagram platform isn't going away (can't believe I just typed that, actually). 

If you own or run a business, small or big, you need to be on it. Period. 

In fact, if you're a small business, I'd say you should start with Instagram and then Facebook.

When used correctly, Instagram allows your brand to reach localized, targeted people who are actively engaged in your industry or product or service field (again, IG is a more engaged social media platform than the more general population of Facebook users). 

The statistic about engagement at the top of this blog, courtesy of a digital marketing survey in a recent Business 2 Community story, broadly paints an important picture: a brand's organic reach is better on Instagram than any other social media marketing platform not named Pinterest.


It means that in order to reach people on Facebook or Twitter -- even ones who already follow or like you -- you have to spend a good deal of money.

By itself, Instagram gets way more engagement per post, so more of your existing followers (we call it your "audience") see your posts compared to Facebook and Twitter.

With the addition of proper hashtag use and attention to posting times and creative content quality, you can reach new users organically and grow your audience on Instagram. 


When you have a team of talented people who produce and streamline your brand's content that actively engages and interacts with your followers AND reaches new, real users to grow your audience organically with more real followers ... AND when that team publishes your posts at the times when your followers are most active AND when you utilize the right hashtags at the right time, you optimize your business on Instagram.

Make sense?

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